A protocol for managing dissociative symptoms in

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wholesale jerseys But the agency warns of potential civil liberties violations."The Department of Justice does not seek to dictate how cities and counties such as Los Angeles determine what degree of activity and personal interaction should be allowed to protect the safety of their citizens," Dreiband said in the letter to Los Angeles officials. "However, we are charged with protecting the federal statutory and constitutional rights of all persons in our country, and ensuring that governmental restrictions are not unconstitutionally burdensome. Constitution and its Bill of Rights."The letter was addressed to Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer and cited comments the two made about the possibility of long term lockdowns. Ferrer said at a county supervisors' meeting earlier this month that some form of stay at home orders will likely stay in place "for the next three months." Garcetti also said in a media interview that Los Angeles would "never be completely open until we have a cure" for the virus.A county official later said that Ferrer's comments were "taken out of context," according to CBS Los Angeles. Garcetti also later clarified his comments and said he doesn't expect an extended lockdown.Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti wears a face mask during his Wednesday news conference while recommending that the city's 4 million people do the same when going outside amid the spreading coronavirus."However, we remain concerned about what may be an arbitrary and heavy handed approach to continuing stay at home requirements," Dreiband said in the letter wholesale jerseys.

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