At North Presbyterian Church, 300 North Forest Rd

Realized that the artist was selecting for conditions where even though the sculptures were underwater, he wanted them to be colorful, clear, populated through a face to face orientation, she said. This led me to think, undersea environments provide different conditions for thinking about the museum and its mission, and also for interpretation, because of where the ocean positions you as an observer. Dos Ojos cenote, on the other hand, boasts no human made sculptures.

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So that helped us tremendously, and we've seen tremendous interest. Do we have a challenge ahead of us? Yes, we do. 28th April 2016Quote: "Do I miss London? Not in January, can I say that? My hardest time was after the Christmas holiday until the February half term. You know what it's like! There are a few major things that I miss. I felt so alive there and was in awe of the architecture and the history." Gwyneth Paltrow misses calling London home.

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