Having a little mom and pop liquor store in the

They feel this is injustice, adding the fact that older wives sometimes testify that retired husbands will not help them at home. The thought of cooking three full meals seven days a week and doing laundry for two at the age of 85 is not pretty. So, perhaps it should me Mother's Week and a real vacation once a year..

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The idea isn to eradicate coronavirus completely least not yet to bring its spread to manageable levels. As flare ups occur, they can be doused with another critical contagion fighting public health technique: contact tracing. It doesn help to know who is infected if you not also investigating who else that person might have infected.

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Hanover Township (Lehigh County): Township employees will conduct business as usual, but the municipal building is closed to visitors. There is a secure box on the side of the building for payments. The three parks (Canal Park, Sherwood Park and Chestnut Grove Park) are closed until further notice.

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