He would be allowed to practice with the team

Speaking of which, this Sunday, Luke Jackson will return to Oregon hardwood for the first time since 2004 as Northwest Christian University head coach. His Beacons are effectively walking into a woodchipper, but the chance to see Jackson on the bench and the home opener of this year Duck basketball iteration shouldn be overlooked. The graphics for days 1 3 show no frontal systems moving through the Pacific Northwest through Saturday.

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Then to have the opportunity late in my career to coach at Gloversville again was almost perfect timing. A new adventure that I was looking forward to doing at the end. It has kind of worked out. Sundays. On YouTube. On the same platforms. President Donald Trump has encouraged schools to reopen despite concerns from his top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Speaking at a Senate hearing last week, Fauci said it would be bit of a bridge too far to expect a vaccine before the fall.

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