I ran to the car and grabbed my phone

We are more enlightened. Thank you for letting me into her life and into her heart. I got close to her and I will never regret it. "The demand side really needs to be addressed," she says.I have an 11 year old daughter and, as a mother, would risk everything to keep her safe. So today, I shuddered to learn that 180 Degrees, a Minnesota based nonprofit, just rescued a 10 year old girl from sex trafficking. But with the passage of Minnesota's Safe Harbor law, we are now able to provide shelter, services and a safe haven to help this girl and others like her.Where I live isn't India, which has the largest number of people in modern slavery, 14 million, according to the Walk Free Global Slavery Index.

Act One: Falling Out of a Moving CarWe were going to pick up my sister, Bobbette, after her week of wilderness experience with the Campfire Girl troop. Uncle Andy and Aunt Vella rode up to Pasadena with us. My uncle was riding in the front seat as Dad drove, and I was in the back with Mom and my aunt..

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