It a point the ever precocious Watt reached in 2018

Open records among the few tools citizens have to hold their elected officials accountable. Alabama's law says that every citizen has a right to inspect public records and take copies upon request. Public officials lie as some in this case have but documents tell the truth.

The Lianito IdolThe Animist people of the Visayas region worshiped a time god known as Kanlaon/Laon, equivalent to the creator god Bathala of the Tagalogs. He was the supreme deity in the Visayan pantheon, but relatively distant. In order to bridge the gap, the ancient people replaced mediators such as nature based minor deities, diwatas(fairies and elementals) and anitos(ancestral spirits) who are supposed to dispense blessings and abundance on a family or society.

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Trump's forces have pretty much rendered the Congress impotent, going so far as to argue before the Supreme Court last week that not only should a sitting president be immune from any and all investigation and prosecution, he's also immune from congressional oversight. It's well within the realm of possibility that the right wing majority on the court will see it their way at least when it comes to Republican presidents. (I wouldn't expect them to feel bound by their own precedents when it applies to Democrats.

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