Jose Mourinho had warmly greeted Neymar and Messi

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Compatriots on both sides conversed arm in arm and Pogba made a beeline for Neymar at full time, hugging the Brazilian, and they were inseparable on the walk down the tunnel after what was Neymar penultimate appearance for Barca. Pogba swapped shirts with Andres Iniesta and bellowed at Neymar so they could pose for an accredited photographer.Read MoreUnited surprise signing has made their new tactic workUnited lost that evening their only defeat in a fulfilling five match tour of the United States yet the mood was upbeat and their form auspicious. Jose Mourinho had warmly greeted Neymar and Messi but preferred to focus on Pogba, captain for the second half."Messi and Neymar, there is only one Messi and one Neymar," Mourinho swooned.

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