Lack of competition also discourages infrastructure

The youth, alongside others, are not only fighting against the Corona Virus but also against the mullah regime. The people are helping each other by distributing masks, disinfectants, and other necessities. Nurses, doctors, and hospital staff are gradually taking control of treatment facilities and ambulances.

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Today, most communications technology, including internet access, is provided by a few monopolies without much competition between each other. Because of this, there is little motivation to invest in rural projects that might not yield dividends anytime soon. Lack of competition also discourages infrastructure upgrades like fiber optic connections.

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The PPP spent almost two million Guyana dollars buying 35, 000 ID cards from three categories of citizens the relatives of dead people, those who did not pick up their ID cards from GECOM and those who migrated but left their personal documents with their relatives. We visited a farmer at Kaieteur Falls Park who said he was offered $5,000 for his dead wife's national identification but he bargained for more because he told them he also had the IDs for his dead parents and his deceased brother. The PPP bought all.

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