Not because they are of a lower intellect but

If You Will Sue You Will Be Fired? Any employer found firing you from the job simply because you filed a lawsuit against them will be considered as doing illegal activity, as under section 120 of the worker compensation law the employers are not allowed to terminate their workers simply because they have filed a case against them. Those employers will have another case upon them that is wrongful termination, and so they will be found messed up in 2 cases one is a construction accident and the other to be wrongful termination. If your employer has terminated you, then you definitely have to secure every piece of evidence for this point too, any conversation you will have with them should be preserved, your New Jersey construction accident lawyer will definitely help you with this, they will give you enough guidance and support and truly consider your case in a better way..

"When we are both in work," says Greg, a software designer working from home during Covid 19, "we only have a half hour window to make it happen so it takes organisation. We make a weekly meal plan and shop at the weekend. Whoever gets home first pulls it together.

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