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20th May 2010Quote: "James Brown told me to bury my money in the woods. I guess he was having tax troubles at the time and I was 22, 23. He said, 'Bury your money in the woods!' I said, 'But can't the feds take your land?' And he said, 'But they won't know where the money is!'" Comedian Eddie Murphy received some strange financial advice from the late soul icon..

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At first, the message scared me. The thought of living so far away was terrifying. My thoughts then went to my steady boyfriend. Has a classic over the top delivery. He has very good throwing mechanics as he transfers his weight efficiently. He utilizes his core strength and gets his lower body into his throws.

It's even worse for TALL, thick women. If you're a tall woman with curves, you're practically a martian in the department stores. If you can manage to find jeans that have the length to allow you to wear a pair of wedges, they flatten your butt, squeeze your hips, and/or gape at the back.

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Courage, gardeners, courage! The work you do now will pay dividends later this summer and fall. Don your gloves, sharpen your swivel or diamond hoes, rev your weed whackers and get to work. It will likely take a good part of a day (unless you have acres), but when you're done, reward yourself with a cool "quarantini" and admire your work.

25th April 2008Quote: "I'd take hanging out at home with my wife and kids over a party any day. You can get caught up in a bubble in Hollywood. We lead a normal life we just hang out, eat dinner. After recounting an incident where an Indian fishermen saved the life of an African woman, he concluded Africans who beat up Indians, including Indian women, on 12 January 1998, just on the anniversary of this wonderful good works of the Indian fishermen, are not Africans I am proud of 5 6). The telling point being made here is that there are guilty Africans and caring Africans; a caring that extends to other ethnic groups. Does this amount to a guilty race? Kwayana thinks not.

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