The color schemes included the obvious team colors:

Business ethics are mandatory for the endurance of any business. The businessmen who do not tail it will only have transitory achievement, but they are sure to fail in the long run. In the wake of understanding that he is being cheated, the customer will be hesitant to purchase products or services from that businessman.

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The design process is fairly straight forward (and easy for people like me). The color schemes included the obvious team colors: red, white and black, as well as silver and orange. The word marks that can be used are Blazers, and City. Look, I'm admittedly biased on this one. Sargeant and Stanmyre aren't just two of my best friends, they are my biggest sounding boards in the business, too. They are "foxhole guys," journalists you want at your side when you're tackling the most difficult stories and, not surprisingly, they've been there for each other..

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