There isn’t a single positive thing I can think to

Just skip the soda. There isn't a single positive thing I can think to say about soda except that maybe it tastes good. Not enough reason to drink it. What's playing out here is a microcosm of a much larger, deeply entrenched problem in our labor market: employer power over worker power and the demise of labor standards and protections. Given historically low union membership, the increased dominance of certain employers in key industries such as retail, health care, technology and food production and the interaction between concentrated wealth and money in politics, institutions designed to protect workers are missing in action. The goals of the Labor Department have become indistinguishable from those of the Commerce Department..

Good luck Spartacus how many tanks and jet bombers do you have? Better to take up the ballot than the gun to preserve liberty. Military might, which is greater than that of the next 10 or so of the world militaries combined. More realistically, a foreign wholesale jerseys from china enemy bent on bringing down the United States would not invade but attack from a far distance with nuclear or technological weapons.Home protection? Just the sound of a pump shotgun racking a shell into its chamber can scare off intruders.

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