They have all kinds of it now

Head injuries also have been tied to dementia. In a study published in 2018, for example, researchers studied the health records of more than 164,000 people who'd had a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Serious injuries doubled the risk of dementia, while repeated injuries nearly tripled it.

The sense of uncertainty grew even more when his grandmother died just before his high school graduation. Knowing she would not be around too much longer, she urged Curtis to look at fighting fires. Dad earned nice money doing that work, she told him.

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So I put the book aside to give myself time to ponder how to handle it, and of course, I lost it. It became buried in my computer room under piles of yarn and other books and magazines. If I was a better friend, I Cheap Jerseys china would've hunted the book down and written the review and asked Lee to send me some photos to publish with the review.

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