We’re just beginning to recognize that

The number of deaths from the virus are being overblown by Trump hating death counters, and also more than 90,000 people have died, which is a great success. If the president had done nothing, millions would have died from this nothing to worry about virus. Also, the dead are only a small percentage of the population and it was their fault (the dying, I mean) because they were unhealthy, so they don't really count and technically the COVID 19 death toll is zero.

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6. Set the skillet with the shallots back over medium heat. When hot, whisk in the butter, 1 tablespoon at a time, just until the butter softens and melts. 26th June 2013Fact: Former GUNS N' ROSES star Duff Mckagan has been named Seattle Central Community College's Distinguished Alumni of the Year. The bassist went back to school to study finance several years ago. He says, "Attending Seattle Central was an awesome experience it taught me a lot about discipline in a great way.

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