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One of the newest things nowadays is to have charging stations where you just set the thing down and the item will charge. Well, someone who worked on this game apparently realized this too and it is a standard item for the game today. Or you can just plug it in as always.

Cole had not been at his best. He issued five walks and allowed nine baserunners. But he worked out of trouble each time in seven scoreless innings, and held off the Yankees just long enough for the Astros to take a 2 1 series lead. Blume became teary eyed when introducing him, according to a TAPinto Elizabeth report. "Your daughter said she would bring you, and I am so touched that you came," Blume said at the launch. He's read the newspaper every day since 1946, which is a familiar sight to his children.

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"Freedom" is dangerous when an out of control president, defended by key Republican members of Congress, can remove an immunologist, Dr. Rick Bright, from his position as director of the federal office responsible for developing countermeasures to this current pandemic. Bright made the mistake of objecting to the Trump administration's narrative that the old anti malaria drug hydroxychloroquine was a safe emergency treatment for COVID 19.

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